50 Shades of Taupe

Here is a study of muted neutral colors.

I tend to use a lot of the same colors (color schemes) especially when working in watercolor. It’s hard to break away… Watercolor looks most beautiful, me thinks, when mixed directly on the paper, not the palette. There’s a lot of guess-work, and a lot of just letting the pigment do what it wants, not what you want. But I think I’ve become a bit too careful, too controlling. This study helped me see that tendency. Wonderful!


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Cuckoo Clock Phone

The wonderful Lilla Rogers and friends have started a new online course, called the “Assignment Bootcamp.” Needless to say, I’ve signed on.


Here is my first assignment. A phone cover, with a cuckoo clock theme.


You can see all of the other artists’ works on Lilla Rogers Studio’s online gallery. I won’t post any of them here, because I’m jealous of all the talent, but oh all right, here’s the link.

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Doodle of the Day: Craving Apple Cobbler


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When there is too much desk work waiting for me and no time to paint, I can’t resist my paintbrush. And of course, the minute “painting” becomes something I must get done (like deadlines, anyone?), I lose the paintbrush and pick up my guitar. Oh the irony of the human mind.

This painting was an attempt to fuse my two favorite procrastinating pastimes.


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Merry Christmas

Here is proof that a 14 lb. turkey, complete with dressing, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce, can be bought, baked and smoked even here in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Happy Holidays to you all!


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2014 Calendar

This year again I was asked to paint some illustrations for France-ya’s company calendar. I like this job. This year’s theme was “shops and stores found in France.”

Here’s February and May.

2014february 2014may

And the calendar’s cover. CalendarCover

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Waltzing or Kissing?

A recent painting:


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Map of Kyoto’s Open-air Markets

Here is a map I made of open-air markets in Kyoto. This was for the Make Art That Sells e-Course, although I didn’t make it during the course. I had no idea maps were so fun to make! I’ll need to try some more :)


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The MOYO Directory – Surface Pattern Designers Galore

The Moyo Directory is an online platform for surface pattern designers, and I’ve just added my own page. Kind of exciting! You can find a whole bunch of really talented surface designers on this directory, wow.

I’d love a little “love,” which is the Moyo Directory’s version of the ubiquitous “like.” Just visit my page here and click the pink heart underneath my logo.


The masterminds behind this directory, Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton, also have a lot of other cool stuff on the web, like this (super cool e-magazine about surface design) or this (surface design e-courses).

Some amazing women out there.

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Plate and Napkins – Make Art That Sells eCourse

Here is a plate and napkin design I made for the Make Art That Sells eCourse.

This was the final assignment. I’m going to miss this course! (*tear*)REIKA_HUNT_GOODFRIENDS_1B_WEEK-5KC3V0130

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