For All Wine Lovers

I’ve added some more pieces on Society6.
Please check them out!

Red Or White—That Is the Question

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Doodle of the Day: All I Need Is a Bottle of Wine and a Good Book


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F is for Fondue

F is for FONDUE

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E is for English Tea

If asked whether my drink is coffee or tea, I would say both. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. So if C is for COFFEE, E is for ENGLISH TEA. Couldn’t wait until T.


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Sailor’s Knots

The Spoonflower Weekly Challenge, once again.
Please vote!

Sailors Knots

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I’m Now on Society6

My artwork is now available at Society6, an online art platform where you can order art prints, iPhone/iPad cases, mugs, clocks, tote bags, throw pillows, rugs, and I forget what else, with artwork by a whole bunch of different artists. And now I’m one of them! I’ve only uploaded a few (see samples below) for now, but I’ll be uploading more in the future, for sure.

I sure love seeing my artwork on product mockups.

Time Waits Not candy red Time Waits Not night greenTimes Diamonds yellow

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C is for Coffee, D is for Deep Fry

I totally missed out on April Fools Day. Plum forgot about it. I am not the one to remember important dates. I could have fooled all sorts of people… Shucks.

Anyways, here are some watercolors I did today for fun. The deep fry is supposed to be chicken. Didn’t turn out so appetizing as I wished. Ah well.
CisforCOFFEE D is for DEEP FRY

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My Success Story

Yay! My pattern design (and mini-success story) is featured on Lilla Rogers Studio blog today.

Also, just made a new fabric pattern design for the Spoonflower challenge. Spring rains happening in Japan, too. Have a great day everyone! (Or evening, or night, wherever ye may be.)

Spring Rains

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Time for Tea (Lilla Rogers Assignment Bootcamp)

Here is what I worked on this month for Lilla Rogers Assignment Bootcamp. This time it was “bolt fabric design with a jelly mold theme.” Yay for bolt fabric! And who doesn’t love jelly? My favorite is ribbon jello. Definitely. Yum.

Lilla introduced a trendy palette, and so I tried working with different colors than I’m used to. In the end it looks like I reverted back to my regular colors, unbeknownst to myself, but while I was working it felt new and exciting. Oh, how fun colors can be!

Click here to see all of the lovely pieces by my wonderful classmates.


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A is for Apple, B is for Bake

Doing some watercolor pieces just for fun. I should make this into a series.



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