Preparations and Reflections

For the past couple months I have been preparing for an extended trip to the US, hopefully to move indefinitely. Between work and my band, sometimes it happens that I find I haven’t picked up a pen or brush for weeks…. and that’s exactly what has happened this time.

Not all was bad though! When you announce that you are leaving for a while, it turns out to be a great excuse to meet up with people in your life that you hadn’t seen or talked to for a while. And my band did a lot of touring and radio appearances, since it will be a while until we can play again together.

In other words, it was a time of preparation, reflection, and playing music. I’m pretty sure a change of scene will bring inspiration and start the creative juices flowing again, and I am looking forward to it.

Here is a close-up peak of a recent job. Can’t believe autumn is just around the corner!


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1 Response to Preparations and Reflections

  1. Tomo Inoue says:

    I saw your post after pretty long interval.
    Anyway your sentence seems to tell that actually you’re enjoying the daily things yourself.

    I hope that you’ll get something great wherever you are.
    Please take care of yourself and keep it up.

    All the best

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