Christmas Cards (from the Make Art That Sells e-Course)

The online “Make Art That Sells” e-Course taught by international illustration agent Lilla Rogers is now in session B. Which I’m taking!

Part A of this course was super exciting, fun and inspiring–and equal amounts challenging and frustrating. The thing is, if you want to grow, you have to bear the growing pain. At least that’s what my Mom always says. And I like to think that I did grow. My work AND my attitude towards making art (with all the issues of lack-of-confidence and fear that comes with making art) improved after taking Part A. At least I think so and feel so. And I hope it will continue to improve with Part B and beyond!

Here is what I did for our first assignment in Part B: a Christmas card! We were asked to make two cards. I decided to try one digital and one watercolor, using the same color scheme, so I could kind of compare the process. Of course the color didn’t really turn out the same, because I can never get my watercolor paints to do just what I ask them to. (They are so independent-minded!)

I can’t tell which is “better” or more commercial, but I did notice that I enjoyed the process of watercolor painting much better. Even though I had less control. Hmmm… still learning new things about myself, after all these years!



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2 Responses to Christmas Cards (from the Make Art That Sells e-Course)

  1. Ingidisa says:

    These are fabulous! So much better than anything “commercial.” LUV.

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